Are You Looking to Make Money Online? Make Money with Email Subscriptions

In today’s internet world, a lot of people are looking how to make money online, including myself.  Would you like to make money collecting emails and earning commissions on upgrades? I know, I do.

Which is why I signed up for Yoonla as an affiliate.  I signed up for Yoonla about 24 hours ago.  And I already have 12 email subscriptions.  I’m not kidding.  I’m going to explain to you how it works.


First of all, What is Yoonla?

Yoonla is an affiliate advertising and CPA ( cost per action ) program. Instead of getting paid per sale, you get paid per action. Yoonla is the Digital Lifestyle Platform where you can manage your own Online Marketing Business while earning referral commissions for each person who subscribes to Yoonla, which is the Starter membership account.

How Does Yoonla Work?

For every quality email subscription that comes in through your affiliate link, you get paid $2 or $4.  In order to get paid $4, the email address has to come from the following countries and 1 continent: U.S., Canada, Ireland, New Zeland, United Kingdom and Australia.  You’ll generate $4 for each email from these countries, and $2 for most countries.

Sign-up with Yoonla to make money online.  My affiliate ID: 5b06bb061817d

The following are non-qualifying countries ($0.00 per lead referral).  However, when your lead referrals from these countries upgrade to an Elite member, you’ll earn a bonus commission of $30 from each upgrade.

 Satellite Provider

*Please Note: Due to high fraud issues, Vietnam and Nigeria are not accepted onto the affiliate program.

You’ll also earn $30 bonus commissions every time one of your lead referrals upgrades to a Yoonla Elite member.  And when your Elite referral generates a lead referral upgrade as well, he/she will earn $30 and you will too.  So that’s up to $60 in bonus commissions that you can earned on referral upgrades.  Isn’t that great??

How Do I Drive Traffic to My Affiliate Site?

You can get the 1,000 leads package for $15 from GetResponse.  So, you can drive traffic to your affiliate link/site with Automated Emails that you can send to your leads once you upgrade to an Elite member and get approved.  Yoonla provides email swipes for you to use.  Everything will be set-up for you plus you’ll have access to resources, marketing training tips and a Facebook group to help you succeed.


Are There Any Costs or Investments?

Although, to sign-up with Yoonla is free of charge, like any online business, there are certain investments you need to take into account when you upgrade to an Elite member.  You’ll need to invest in a 1,000 leads package for $15 from GetResponse, domain and web hosting.

I want to show you exactly how much it costs me, so that you’ll be prepared when you upgrade to an Elite member.  You’ll make a $15 investment for a 1,000 leads package from GetResponse.  You’ll also pay yearly for your Web Hosting Advanced Plan.  Be aware that if you take long to upgrade once you sign-up, prices may change.

Sign-up with Yoonla to make money online.  My affiliate ID: 5b06bb061817d

Anyhow, here are the details of the investment I made about 24 hours ago:

Plan: Web Hosting Advanced Yearly Plan
Private Registration: yes
Private Domain Registration (1 year): $11.88
Bundle Domain Discount: -$10.99
Hosting (1 year): $70.68
Domain Registration Discount: -$5.0
Domain Registration: $15.99
Term: 1 year

Total Charge: $82.56 plus $15 for 1,000 leads package.

Important Note

*Please be aware that when you’re ready to upgrade, and become an Elite member, you’ll need to follow the instructions exactly how you’re told in the emails you’ll receive.

There’s a 3 step process that you need to follow to upgrade to an Elite member.  But don’t worry, just read every email sent to you (Check your spam folder), follow the instructions and you’ll be okay.


I hope this information was useful to help you decide if you want to make money online with Yoonla.  After you sign-up and upgrade with Yoonla, you’ll need my affiliate ID: 5b06bb061817d

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask or comment below.  I’ll try to help you in every way possible.

Have you signed up with Yoonla? Would you like to share your experience? Do you know of any other ways to make money online? Sharing is caring.


Disclosure: This blog page contains affiliate links.


Thank you for visiting my “Make Money Explore” blog. 

Have an awesome day!



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