ESSENTIAL INTERVIEW GUIDE: 10+ Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Interview

Great Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Next Interview

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Having a smooth running interview requires much more than a decent polo top and some interest. If you truly want to land that job, impressing your interviewer will require preparing by doing some research, thinking about your outfit, and keeping your mind in order.

7 Step Interview Readiness Method


  • Ask when scheduling your interview, what FORMAT the interview will be; skype, one-on-one, group, etcetera… Knowing the atmosphere of the interview will help you better prepare for what you’re walking into. If it’s a skype interview, prepare your area so it looks nice behind you, group interviews will require some extra researching so you can separate yourself from the competition. One on one interviews at pretty standard and are typically how most companies conduct interviews.
  • Look into background information about the company.This will make you stand out from other applicants or interviewers because it shows you…

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