Want to Get a Promotion? Don’t Know How? 5 Step Guide on How to Get a Promotion in Nursing

As a nurse, you have the opportunity to advance in your career pursuing a management position or a higher education.  However, your profession requires a considerable amount of time, commitment and dedication that you don’t have time to think about if you’re going to be promoted or not.

If you’re interested in advancing in your field of nursing, but don’t know how?  The following is a 5 Step Guide on How to Get a Promotion in Nursing.

Find a Solution

Stop complaining to your boss about an issue or problem in your workplace. Take the initiative to recommend solutions to your boss, and implement these.  You’ll demonstrate to your boss that you can think independently and possess critical thinking skills.

Desire to Learn

Ask questions and learn as much as you can from your more experienced co-workers, and share your knowledge with new nurses.  This will show your boss that you’re willing to advance in knowledge and experience.   Also, you’ll prove to your boss that you’re a good communicator, and have the desire to take on new tasks.


Be a Team Player

Being a team player is crucial, especially in the healthcare field. Collaborate with other nurses, physicians and technicians in caring for patients, or simply getting paperwork done.  This indicates to your boss that you’re not only able to work and help others, but also willing to take on new challenges, and accomplish day to day goals.

Be a True Leader

Don’t just do your regular scheduled work.  It’s great to be a follower when you’re a new nurse and learning the ropes, but once you’ve gained some experience, you should take on new assignments and challenges.  Always find a way to do more for your patients and co-workers, and encourage others to do the same. 

Stay Focused

Strive to have a positive attitude and focus on the mission, which is delivering exceptional patient care.  Be a solution not a problem.  Stay committed to your patients and co-workers.  Get along with others, be a team player.  Venture on leadership roles.  Your actions will inspire and motivate others, which will set you apart, and make you stand out from other nurses.

Looking to advance in your career?  Find your next nursing job.

*You’ve been promoted recently or in the past? How did you get the promotion, or what steps did you take?  Sharing is caring.



Reference:  How to Get a Promotion at Your Nursing Job







6 thoughts on “Want to Get a Promotion? Don’t Know How? 5 Step Guide on How to Get a Promotion in Nursing

    1. Hi Susan, thank you for visiting and commenting. It’s true, many nurses graduate every year, looking for jobs and willing to step it up. So, it’s a good idea for seniority nurses to strive to do more on their shift than a regular routine, that’s if they’re considering getting a promotion.

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