Great Healthcare IT Job for VMWare Specialist (VMWare 6.x) in Franklin, TN

Healthcare IT Job Opening for VMWare Specialist (VMWare 6.x) in Franklin, TN

Job Type: Full-time (3-month Contract to Hire), Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm

We are seeking experienced IT professionals for a long-term Franklin-based VMWare Specialist. You’ll have the opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment in a large hospital system.  

Qualifications for Healthcare Position in Franklin, TN

Minimum 10 years of experience working within an IT organization.

Minimum of 5 years enterprise level experience required.

Detailed experience with VMWare, Windows and Linux servers in an administration, operations and support role.

Firm understanding of IT terms and concepts with ability to read vendor documentation and perform related duties accurately.


Must be able to create engineering level documentation representing proposed, pilot, and as-built systems.

Candidate will be self-motivated, willing to learn, capable of following directions and creatively working through challenges.

Job Description for Healthcare Position, VMWare Specialist in Franklin, TN

Candidate will be expected to mentor others and provide skills transfer sessions.

Candidate will be expected to create documentation, scripts and setup automated tasks using a variety of methods.

Candidate will be expected to make presentations to management up to and including C-level staff for project related, support metric related communications. This position will be on the Platform Engineering team performing various systems administrative, operational and support duties as assigned.

*Travel expenses are not covered under this project.


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