Are You Starting a New Nursing Job? Tips on Negotiating Salary for Nurses

Have you received a job offer for a nursing position, but not comfortable with the salary? The initial salary of a new position is important because it could make a huge difference in your decision to accept the position or not. 


Negotiating salary can be intimidating for a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to be.  It’s in your own right to negotiate salary just as it’s the employers own right to choose the best nurses for their healthcare facilities.

Click on the following link for more info, and to watch a short video of Kelsey, Relode Account Executive with tips on Negotiating Salary for Nurses.




11 thoughts on “Are You Starting a New Nursing Job? Tips on Negotiating Salary for Nurses

  1. A good tip for anyone in any profession. I have been told “no” too many times. Even though I know my work is of the highest quality. Supposedly, there just isn’t budget for it. However, it never hurts to ask (of course, don’t over do it and be reasonable).

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    1. Even though the employer may not have a budget for it, you’re right, it doesn’t hurt to ask. And you never know, the company may agree to, or be willing to meet your salary requirement half way.

      floatinggold, don’t give up, keep trying, keep looking for that dream job. I wish you the best of luck in finding your dream job. Thank you for visiting and sharing. Come back any time!

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