Are You a Nurse or Doctor Looking to Earn Extra Income? Check Out 7 Best Side Hustles for Nurses and Doctors.

So, you want to earn extra income, but don’t know where to start?  A side hustle is a prominent way to earn extra income in addition to your day job. Whether you’re a nurse or doctor, there can potentially be a side hustle for you.  Check out 7 best side hustles that can work for nurses and doctors. 

Writing or Blogging

If you’re a nurse or a doctor, you can start a blog by writing about common health questions or concerns.  But blog consistently, engage with other bloggers and connect with people.  Be patient because it takes hard work to build an audience that will generate a significant amount of traffic every day.  Also, being a guest blogger on other sites can help you generate traffic to your site.



Telemedicine or Telehealth is a great side hustle to have, which involves consulting patients over video or phone.  You can work part-time or full-time and wherever, whenever, which is very flexible and convenient. Telehealth Job Openings.


Float Pool or Locum Jobs

Another alternative if you’re a nurse or doctor is to sign up to be a floater at the healthcare facility where you work.  You can take additional shifts, and earn some extra income.  You can also take on locum assignments.  These are physician temporary assignments that last from a couple of days to a couple of months.  Locum Job Openings.



You can work part-time for a consulting company or start your own business by offering your expertise to people.  Offering guidance and advise to people, can be a very rewarding side hustle.


Teaching a Class

Another side hustle that can be rewarding is teaching.  Whether you’re a nurse or doctor, you can earn extra income by teaching a CPR or First-Aid class.  While you’re helping students learn, teaching can also help you develop or practice your skills as a healthcare provider. Teaching a medical class is good experience to obtained.


Relode Agent

Last but not least. One of the best side hustles for nurses and doctors is becoming a Relode Agent like I am.  You can earn extra income by referring friends and colleagues to great healthcare jobs!  Learn More.



Reference:  7 Best Side Hustles for Nurses and Doctors

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