Have You Landed a Job Interview Yet? Check Out 10 Common Resume Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Are you wondering why employers are not calling you for job interviews?  Well, the writing on your resume could be the problem.  Maybe you’re not being detailed enough on your resume, or you’re being too detailed.  You may also have typos or other errors on your resume that you’ve overlooked.  The following are 10 common resume writing mistakes to avoid.


Lying:  Lying about your work history, education, etc. can have serious consequences. Employers conduct background checks.  And even if you are hired after lying on your resume, that doesn’t mean you’ve gotten away with it.  You can get terminated once your employer figures out you weren’t truthful.  So, be honest.

Spelling & Grammar Errors:  Make sure you review your resume for spelling,  grammar or any typos. Have your resume proofread by a couple of friends or relatives if possible. 

Taking a One-Size-Fits-All Approach: Make sure that your education, skills and work experience are relevant to the position you’re applying for.  Know what type of skills each employer is looking for with their new hire.  

A Demanding Attitude:  Mentioning your salary requirements, benefits, or specific perks, such as paid vacations and paid time off on your resume it’s unprofessional. And can make you come across as obnoxious and presumptuous. 


Leaving Off Important Skills and Experiences Gained Outside the Classroom:  For example, employers also search for skills gained from volunteer work, involvement in college organizations or teams, such as finance clubs, engineering clubs, sports, student newspaper, student senate, etc. 

Don’t sell yourself short.  So, don’t forget to mentioned your skills and experience gained through your participation in extracurricular activities, especially if you had a leadership role.

Overselling Skills or Experience:  Don’t oversell your skills and experience either.  Don’t showcase skills that you really don’t have.  For example, if you’ve taken a couple of Spanish courses in college, don’t add it on your resume as a skill, unless you’re confident that you can carry on a conversation in the language. 

Trying to be Flashy or Use Too Many Big Words:  To employers, it may look like you’re trying too hard, and come across as pretending to be someone you’re not.  Hiring managers look for candidates who can communicate clearly and concisely.  Make sure you write short, but compelling sentences.


Creating a Resume Longer than One Page:  Keep your resume to one page, especially if you’re a student or a new grad.  Use a second page only if you’ve had at least five years of experience.  Be selective to the type of experience and skills you add to your resume.  And make sure these are relevant to the position you’re applying for.

Focusing on High School Accomplishments:  Once you’re a junior in college, you shouldn’t be mentioning high school at all.  Focus on your current experience, skills and activities in college.

Using Inappropriate or College-based Email:  Your email address should be one that is more appropriate and professional.  It should include your first and last name. Create a new email address that allows employers to identify who your are when contacting them. 

Following these tips, can increase your chances of landing job interviews, and eventually getting hired.


Reference:   10 Common Resume Writing Mistakes to Avoid by Matt Krumrie, Director of Content Management at PowerNetwork.




17 thoughts on “Have You Landed a Job Interview Yet? Check Out 10 Common Resume Writing Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Hi Vyvian,
    My daughter is looking for a position in the healthcare community. Are these jobs region specific? In other words, could she find something locally?
    You liked a comment I made at Danny Ray’s Meet and Greet. I wanted to come thank you and introduce myself. Thanks for the like!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You’re welcome Janice. These positions are from healthcare facilities hiring from different locations within U.S. What is your daughters profession and location? I can look for a specific position and preferred location for her. I’ll be glad to help.

      Liked by 1 person

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