Need Help With Your Healthcare Resume?

Job hunting can be daunting, especially if you’re pursuing a new career.  Looking for a healthcare job or any job for that matter can also become very stressful as you stare at the computer all day (or most of the day) hoping to find your dream job. Checking your email constantly for that reply to your application or resume you’ve sent a few days, weeks or even months ago can be frustrating. 

You’ve been busy looking and applying for jobs that you haven’t had the time to review your resume.  It’s important for your resume to stand out.  Now is the time to make sure your resume stands out from the crowd.  Click here to get expert advice.


After you’ve done some adding and subtracting to your resume, you can continued to apply for jobs.  Below are a list of healthcare jobs in the U. S. posted several times a week.  You’re welcome to apply.

If you’re interested in a position and meet the qualifications, click on the second title of the post, which is my Relode Agent Job Referral Link, click on apply button, fill-out the form, upload your resume and submit.  Good Luck!!!  

*Please Note:  Older posts have my referral link towards the end.  Sorry about that.  My apologies. 

**Important Note:  If you’re applying for a job on my blog, make sure you apply during the week.  The Relode site to apply for jobs is updated on the weekend.  So, it’s unavailable from Friday evening to Monday morning.  I apologize for the inconvenience.



19 thoughts on “Need Help With Your Healthcare Resume?

      1. I agree with you Crystal. Job hunting can be quite competitive. And sometimes, you can even be overqualified. Sometimes, people find themselves omitting some of their qualifications on their resume afraid to be overqualified for a certain position.

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        1. This happened to me. I went to the DA’s office to apply to be a clerk. One look at my resume and they said overqualified. I wanted the job so I told them I would stay for 4 years they didn’t like that so I told them to tell me how long they wanted me to stay and I would. I wanted that job. They didn’t go for that either. I was letting them tell me the terms. Well you know the result.

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          1. Wow, some employers have certain policies that don’t help at all for those looking for a decent job. It has happened to me in the past too. I didn’t get a job because apparently, I was overqualified. I wonder how many other people this has happened to. Thanks for sharing.

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