Healthcare Job Opening for Bilingual Family Med NP, East LA, CA

Healthcare Job Opening

Bilingual Family Med NP in East LA, CA


Los Angeles, CA
Job Type

Number of Job Openings


Healthcare Highlights

1. More quality time with patients – average patient visit is 40 minutes.

2. Interdisciplinary support team to provide care for the whole patient.

3. One of Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work 2017.

Skills for Bilingual Family Med NP in East LA, CA

1. Completion of Nurse Practitioner accredited program and Board Certification.

2. Passion for dealing with the chronically ill.

3. At least two years’ experience as a Nurse Practitioner.

4. Desire to join a team that is transforming the delivery of healthcare to the most vulnerable patients.

Description for Job Opening, Bilingual Family Med NP in East LA, CA

As a Provider, you will manage a small panel of high-complexity patients. Quality is valued over quantity. You will be able to invest time in your patient visits (East LA), which is highly unusual in a traditional fee-for-service model.

Home visits typically last 45 minutes to an hour, which grants you ample time as a Provider to complete medication management, disease education, and collaborate with your extended team or community of clinicians.

If you meet the qualifications of this position, click here, fill-out referral form and submit.  Good Luck!


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